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Dr  Robi  Sonderegger  is an internationally recognised Clinical  Psychologist,  known  for taking psychology  from  the frontline to the home front™.


As a  renowned  expert in mental health,  Dr  Robi  is  a  highly sought after dynamic and compelling keynote speaker  - having presented to more than 1.5 million people in 25+ countries (over the past 10 years). More than  300,000 participants  have graduated from  his evidence-based empowerment  programs.


Over  the  past  15  years  he’s gone from  celebrity snowboard instructor to  the  rich  and famous of Europe  (incl.  Prince  Charles &  Harry of Wales)  to humanitarian activist for child soldiers and sex-slaves (expert in  Trauma  &  Pride  of  Australia Medal  Finalist).


Dr  Robi  tackles  hard‐core issues  in  original, educational and highly entertaining  ways.   He is regularly broadcast on radio and television both nationally and internationally.


Using the  latest industry research in clinical psychology and neuroscience, his vibrancy and out‐of‐the‐box style is what strikes a chord with everyday people (from  business leaders and  government officials  to  local educators  &  everyday  families).


He is the founder  of the Australian  Institute  of  Clinical Psychology, Family Challenge Australia and  the  Oxygen Institute. Dr Robi is  devoted husband and father of five children. 

Mental Health Seminar

Friday 3 April

Parenting Seminar

Saturday 4 April

Guest Speaker - Fusion City Church

10am Sunday 5 April 2020

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