What happens on Sundays

Our Sunday meetings vary but have a contemporary feel, and usually include singing, communion, prayer, church news and the preaching of God’s word in a way that equips people to live life with a God-focus and purpose. There are times throughout the service where you will be able to participate, such as during worship or at the end of the meeting where you will have an opportunity to respond to the message in some way. We also usually have a time to pray for people after the service. How much you choose to participate or express yourself is always completely up to you. After the meeting we enjoy hanging out together over coffee and eats – always a great to catch up with friends and meet new people.


Whatever you feel comfortable in

We invite you to dress in a way that is comfortable for you. Whether you make it a ‘suit-up Sunday’ or if ‘Fusion-casual’ is more your style, you and your family will be warmly received.


FusionKIDS + FusionTOTS

We love kids! And we think your kids will love Fusion too. For children between 18 months and Year 6, we have our FusionKIDS + FusionTOTS programs. To find out all about our kid’s ministry, follow the link below.