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Art Exhibition

20-21 July

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Fusion City Church in cooperation with the A21 A-Team Canberra are proud to be hosting the Inaugural For Freedom Art Exhibition Canberra, supporting the ongoing work of A21. The theme of the Exhibition is the A21 catch cry, For Freedom the form of the words, their signature.


Fusion City Church Hub
Fusion HUB, 1/87 Hoskins St,
Mitchell ACT 2911


20th July 2022 6PM - 8PM
21st July 2022 2PM - 8PM


A21 is a global organisation, working to abolish slavery everywhere, forever, before the end of the 21st Century.

A21 does this through a 3-pronged solution, Reach, Rescue, Restore. Reaching out and raising awareness, rescuing people from slavery, and restoring them to their lives, equipping them with what they need to rebuild and be re-established into society. For people in slavery,
freedom is what they hope for, always just beyond the horizon, like orange clouds reflecting the sun. For the people rescued, their first breath of freedom is something beyond anything we can imagine.

It is intended that the exhibition will explore that
freedom and what it means according to the diverse experiences of each individual participating.

A21's mission is to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. 

Fusion City Church has hosted the A21 Walk For Freedom here in Canberra since 2017. We are so excited to be hosting For Freedom Art Exhibition this year at the Fusion City Church Hub.

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