2/85 Hoskins St

Mitchell ACT

(02) 6156 2497

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Supporting people to be healthy and well

  • Mum's and Tot's Walking Group

  • Fitness Group

  • Mental Health Seminar


Providing services and support to help build stronger families

  • Parenting courses

  • Marriage courses

  • Youth Programs

  • Young Families Group


Empowering the local community through education programs, training courses and cultural awareness

  • English Conversation Classes

  • School Breakfast Clubs

  • Internship Program

World Missions

Responding to the need around the world

  • Compassion Poverty Relief Programs

  • A21 Program

  • Children's Christmas Boxes - Samaritan's purse

Children & Young People Outreach

Helping children and young people feel connected

  • Student and Young Adult Community

  • Ignite Youth

  • Fusion Kids & Fusion Tots

  • Young Family Groups

  • Mum's and Tot's Walking Group