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Parenting Revolution


Regulating a child’s behaviour can be like eating porridge with chopsticks: plausible, but terribly frustrating! During times of frustration, parents often grasp for the latest ‘behaviour management’ techniques. Rather than feeling empowered, parents who run around trying to ‘manage’ their child’s behaviour end up feeling exhausted and defeated.


Beyond the mere ‘management’ of our children’s mind, mood and manners, we want to sustainably inspire, impact and influence them for good. In this seminar, delegates will learn how to move beyond ‘behavioural compliance’ and discover how to motivate children to ‘want’ to do what’s right. This kind of long-term change doesn’t depend the latest bribery tricks or intimidating threats, it requires a Parenting Revolution! 


Learn the foundational keys that help make the hardest job in the world less stressful and more fun: 

  1. How to inspire, nurture and capture a child’s heart 

  2. How to eliminate destructive attitudes and behaviours (including dealing with school bullies) 

  3. How to motivate, cultivate and sustain positive behavioural transformation 

Saturday 4 April 2020

8:40 am Registration for a 9:00am start.


Fusion City Church Hub.

87 Hoskins Street, Mitchell ACT

Limited Tickets Available

Early bird rate available until 21 March

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