A new hub of SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS has started here in Canberra, hosted by Fusion City Church. Gary and Sarah Morgan are the founders of School of the Prophets (SOP) and an  internationally recognised prophetic ministry. Three years ago when Gary first came to Canberra, the idea of starting a hub here in the nation's capital was birthed, and we are thrilled to now be launching the third hub site of SOP.

The Heart of SOP is to create a safe place to grow in the prophetic. They believe that the prophetic isn’t just for a Sunday meeting but for everyday life. Their heart is that people will gain a new understanding of the Father’s love and will know how to hear His voice and be confident in the Father's nature to communicate, encouragement, strength and comfort to all.

Stuart and Bridget Clark, who are leaders at Fusion and graduates of SOP, will be overseeing things here in Canberra. For any questions email Stuart at stuartclark@schoolofprophets.org.au and he will be in touch.

Registrations are now open for the 12 week online courses SOP 1 and SOP 2 and close on 4 July 2022. SOP 1 starts on 14 July. 

We are expectant for all the Father is going to do in our region through this.